Smartsheet is a program my business ran into a couple of months ago. we went ahead and downloaded the free 30 day trial. All seemed well, did what we needed, was very well designed, and simple to use, but when it came time for our trial to expire we had to come up with other options. We found that we used the functions of Smartsheet that were similar to Excel most. My business couldn't afford Smartsheet or Excel, or so we what we thought. I did a little research and found that you could use a web version of Excel along with Word and Power Point for free with a Microsoft account. They are not fully functioning but they do all we need and the best part is its free. Another alternative I came across was Google Docs which is also free. If you need online storage they both offer that too.

My conclusion is that if you don't need specific features of smart sheet why pay for it? When you have free options especially when you are on a budget.

Don't misunderstand the meaning of this post. I am not trying to make Smartsheet sound bad or trying to tell people its not worth the money, I am just presenting free  alternatives for those who cannot afford to pay for it, or those who don't need all the features that it offers.

This is my only post at the moment if I get positive feedback I will post more of my advice.


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    May 2013